Lateral Unloading System for the construction ob byways

The lateral unloading system is designed to precisely apply gravel and other materials to construct byways. To this end, the system is fed directly from the MFS. The lateral unloading system features continuously variable speed and width to enable the flexible construction of byways. The system is versatile and enables broad applications, such as setting up sand foundations for cable ducts etc. Crucially, the lateral unloading system can be handled by a single human operator.

Depositing Material

The lateral unloading system deposits material up to 4.500mm off track center at variable width. Similarly, the speed (and hence volume) is continuously adjustable.

Setup / Transport

The lateral unloading system can be installed on a regular maintenance wagon which can also serve as a buffer wagon. The systems’ compact design allows for this wagon to also host the power generator and a container.


Performance, tecnical Details

Loading Capacity 3,0 m³/Minute
Powertrain Electric, Speed 1,25 m/s
Field of Application Continuously adjustable up to 4.500mm off track center (right or left)