SRM - 2000 Ballast-Cleaning-Machine

The unit:

The SRM-2000 unit consists of a loading device and a vibrating screen. Working in combination with the excavator, this unit enables a constant steady operating distance to be maintained. The SRM-2000 is powered by electric motors: current consumption 10 KW

The steady, unbroken upward transportation of the ballast by the loading device results in a high level of cleaning.

The Schwarz Track Construction Company OG’s first steps in the field of ballast cleaning were centred around the development of the SRM-2000 track ballast cleaning machine. This development was imperative, since the conventional method of track maintenance involved completely removing the old, dirty ballast and replacing it with new. Since our field of operations was mostly centred on stretches of single-track railway, involving very short intervals between trains, the development of a compact and extremely mobile ballast cleaning machine was absolutely crucial.

The increasingly important factor of keeping an environmentally friendly profile also influenced our development of this machine. By using the SRM-2000 track ballast cleaning machine, the ballast already in situ on the tracks can be completely re-used. As a result the whole transportation process of removing the old ballast and delivering the new is reduced to a bare minimum. Our working knowledge, coupled with many years of experience, enabled us to develop this compact, robust and efficient machine, which is widely recognised today as a very practical alternative.

The success of the SRM-2000 track ballast cleaning machine has led to its present-day use in several European countries.